Hostess Guide to Super Bowl Sunday

The big game doesn’t have to be a big burden.
This Sunday, February 1st, the New England Patriots will take on the Seattle Seahawks in front of over 100,000,000 viewers. Whether you are hosting the big game or attending a Super Bowl party, here is your guide for food, drink, outfit, and decoration for the big day.

The go-to food for a Super Bowl party is beer and chips, but this year why not try something new. For a football game festivity appetizers work the best because they are easy and casual. Little burger sliders with lettuce, tomatoes, bacon and mayonnaise are sure to be a hit, and take minimal time and effort. If you want to customize the burgers for the game stick flags representing your teams colors in the top of them. For a healthier option try salad on a stick. Place lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and whatever else you may like on a skewer along side your favorite dressing. This is a great healthy alternative and an easy way make salad a finger food.

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A cheap case of beer is typically what is brought to Super Bowl watch parties by everyone, but it’s always nice to have other options and try something new.
-For a 5-minute cocktail take 2 cups of pink grapefruit juice from about 4 grapefruits, 1 cup of tequila, 2 cups of tonic water and stir. Rim glasses with salt,to serve around four people.
-For the non-drinkers try this lemonade recipe from, Serious Eats. Combine 1 cup of lemon juice (approximately 10 lemons), ½ a cup of sugar and stir. When sugar is dissolved add a pinch of salt and 3 cups of cold water and stir. Pour into a pitcher with about a quart of ice.

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You want to be casual for the Super Bowl but jeans, face paint and an oversized jersey is no ones best look. Little dashes of team color paired with a simple outfit may be your easiest and best look for the big game.
If you’re rooting for the Patriots this weekend the color-scheme makes it a little easier for you. Red lipstick, ripped jeans and a white or navy tee will be comfortable, festive, and cute.Green and navy aren’t the easiest colors to pull off together so subtle hints may be the best option for Seahawk fans. Little green accents in a scarf, hat, or nails may be the easiest way to incorporate Seahawk green into your outfit. From there, similar to the outfit above, blue or white ripped jeans and a navy top will show your team spirit.

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Decorating doesn’t have to mean going out and spending money. You can go online and print out free banners, flags to top your food with and logos to line the tables and walls. These printable decorations are easy to play around with and will save you not only money but time For serving food and drinks Party City has plenty of football themed plates, cups, napkins and table runners for just a few bucks. Just these simple items could make your home into a football paradise.


This Sunday’s game is nothing to be stressed or worried about. With these couple tips you’re Super Bowl party will be low maintenance, cheap, stylish, and festive. I’d call that a TOUCHDOWN!


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