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Hot question of the year for seniors: What are you doing after graduation?

Winter break brought many things to the seniors of UP.

The chance to go home for the holidays, four weeks to watch uninterrupted Netflix and the daunting question from almost everyone they talked to: What are you doing after graduation?

This question can be annoying and answered in a million different ways for each student that graduates from the University of Portland. Students are provided with many resources for post-grad information, although many seniors don’t remember such resources when the time comes to use them. Here is a list of different post-grad opportunities for seniors that are graduating and different services on campus that students are encouraged to take advantage of!

Jobs/Internships Resource
Office: Career Center
Location: Orrico Hall on UP Campus
What they do: There are many people that help UP students with various professional tasks, including resume building, LinkedIn information, career advice and ways to connect with UP alumni.

Job/Internship Resource
Website: collegecentral.com
Location: Jobs and internships are found all over Portland and the US.
What they do: This website has specific jobs and internships that are posted for UP students. Students can log on and search for positions based on majors and locations.

Volunteer Resource
Office: Moreau Center
Location: St. Mary’s on UP Campus
What they do: The people here know of service opportunities around the Portland area and the world; they have different programs that they recommend specifically for UP alums.

Volunteer Resource
Website: jvcnw.org
Location: Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho
What they do: This organization accepts people from all over the US to serve in one location for a year. Participants live in community and receive a monthly stipend for their service.

Travel Resource
Website: helpx.com or wwoof.com
Location: The website has places to work at in North America, South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.
What they do: This website provides lists of homestays in exchange for labor for people traveling on a low budget. Students interested can create a profile and start researching opportunities in different companies.

Travel Resource
Website: flights.google.com
Location: The website works with airports found all over the world.
What they do: This is a giant search engine that can search your flights based on location, length of stay, and price points. This website is an excellent resource for students to find affordable places to travel.

As the seniors of UP discussed post-grad to each other in the first weeks of their last semester, they realized that almost everyone is in the same boat. Even though a handful of their peers have secured jobs for after graduation, many students do not know what they’re doing next year. It’s a comfort for seniors, but also, it’s time to start making decisions about what the next year will bring you.

Adventure awaits!


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