5 ways to refocus in February


Reference your internal roadmap. We often get excited by the opportunities ahead without considering what living through them will feel like. Maybe that new job isn’t what you’d dreamed it would be, or your internship is more coffee-fetching then content creation. It’s okay to pause and realize that you’ve taken the wrong fork.


Organize your space. Spring is months away, but tidiness pays off year-round. Going through the things you’ve stockpiled, and deciding what it’s time to let go of is always liberating. Let external neatness help you cultivate internal order.


Plan adventures. There will always be papers to write, work to do and meetings to attend. Take some initiative and choose a few things you want to fill you days with. Make it something low-key and casual, like a night at a comedy club, or something bold and spirited, like an long weekend in New York City.


Take stock of your relationships. So often people grow up and grow apart, and what better time to rekindle a relationship than the start of the new year? Scroll through your contacts and call up the people you miss, but have lost touch with.


Don’t let the craziness get you down. If the workload of the new year is making you stir-crazy and want to shake it out, indulge. Crank up the music and dance off your stress, or get Zen by gliding through a yoga practice.

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  1. Love this post, Nastacia. Sometimes, it is so easy to get caught up in all of our general busyness. Great reminder that a refocus is in order as we enter the month of February!


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