Quick and stylish nails

It’s the fourth week of the semester and the pace is starting to pick up. Classes are busier. Your schedule is booked to the brim. And getting up 10 minutes early to pick out a nice outfit is starting to feel like a chore, so you sleep in instead.

If your style inspiration is getting lost in the mayhem of college life and needs a kick-start, here’s a quick and easy DIY guide for painting your nails with two fun designs: glitter chevron and marbled nails.

DIY Glitter Chevron Nails


ORLY Bonder Rubberized Basecoat
Essie Acceptance polish
OPI DS Glow polish
Art Club white polish striper
OPI Topcoat.


Step 1: Remove any old polish from your nails and make sure they’re clean. Next, add a protective bottom coat to help the polish go on smoother and protect your nails.


Step 2: Paint each nail with a first coat of polish. Wait five minutes for it to dry, then add a second coat.


Step 3: After the purple base polish has dried, paint an accent nail with gold polish.


Step 4: Now it’s time for the chevron design. Lay out a single sheet of plastic wrap on a flat surface and draw a chevron design on the sheet using the white striper. Wait five minutes for it to dry.


Step 5: When the white chevron design is dry, carefully peel it off of the plastic wrap and place on one of your nails. Paint over this accent with topcoat.


That’s it! Here’s the finished product:

DIY Marbled Nails


At least two different colors of nail polish
Scotch tape
A toothpick
A disposable cup


Step 1: Add basecoat to nails. This design is messy, so to prevent nail polish from covering your entire hand, use scotch tape to tape around the edges of your nails. You’ll remove the tape after the polish dries.


Step 2: Fill a cup with water. On the surface of the water, place small drops of your chosen nail polish colors. Use a toothpick to swirl the colors together. This will need to be done quickly, as the polish will rapidly begin to dry. This process will need to be repeated for each nail.


Step 3: Place the first nail you want to paint on the surface of the water. The polish should stick to the surface of your nail. After about 30 seconds, remove hand from water. Repeat this process for each nail.


Step 4: After all nails are painted, allow polish five minutes to dry, then remove the tape. If needed, clean up around the edges of your nails using nail polish remover.


Step 5: Add topcoat to nails.

Here’s the finished product:





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