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Cat with your coffee?

What: Purringtons Cat Lounge. This café, adjoined to a next-door sitting salon, is complete with comfortable furniture and adorable felines. Guests can either relax in the lounge, where friendly cats reside and play or pop over to the other side of the building complex where the café is located. Home to ‘Oregon’s finest locally roasted coffees, microbrews, wines and teas,’ one can grab a meowmosas (Saturdays and Sundays) or choose from a wide range of food items pricing from $4 – $10.


Who: Kristen & Sergio Castillo. These Portland natives are long-time cat lovers originally inspired by the idea of a cat café after seeing a Café des Chats video in Paris over a year ago. Since then, they’ve worked hard to make the dream a reality. The staff has OLCC server permits as well as insightful-know-how concerning the cats that are hosted in the lounge.

Why: These cats need good homes and have been donated by a local Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in hopes that potential owners will meet and soon want to adopt the loveable felines. CAT ensures that the cats at Purringtons are friendly with one another, good with people and up-to-date with vaccinations and other medical treatments. After a cat is adopted, a process occurs where another cat will take its place. However, the cats are more than happy to just sit and play with those who enter their new lounge.

How much? Reservations for sitting in the cat lounge cost $8 per person. Up to twenty people are allowed per hour, however, the food café is open with no registering online and one can sit behind a long plait of glass so as to enjoy the view of playful cats.


Painted interior of Purringtons Cat Lounge

Where: On 3520 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Portland 97212 beside Aphrodite Hair Design and right across from the Local Lounge.


Grace or “Gracie”

Employees and guests agree that coming to the café is not only relaxing but also fun.

Ever the acrobat, Boo, a Black Shorthaired leaps off a stool and frightens fellow feline, Grace. The grey and black longhaired cat frantically scampers across the room before she skids to a halt. A safe distance away now, Grace peered at the perpetrator with big eyes before accepting the stroking hand of a nearby guest.

The employees agree that one of the best things about this innovative cat adoption process is that potential owners “get to know their [cats] personalities.”

“Currently we’re trying to keep about eight to ten cats rotated in at all times,” said Emily Sprague, Purringtons employee. “However, since we opened last week, we’ve had four cat adoptions and one in the process – so over half the cats have been adopted.”

The registration process is done on the Purringtons Cat Café website through a simple calendar-click means. “We’ve been booked almost every other hour this weekend,” said Sprague. “So make sure you reserve ahead of time and bring some energy!”

Contact Purringtons Cat Lounge’s main office at (503) 334 – 3570 with any questions.


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  1. Eli, the way you organized this piece really worked for me. And the way you jazzed up the story with a bit of humor made it a fun read.


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