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Portland Pancakes & Booze Art Show: Embrace Portlandia to its Fullest

This weekend, the annual Pancakes and Booze Art Show returns to Portland for the third year in a row, so venture out and feel the spirit of Portland.

PandB FLYER 2014

Brunch and beer are expected in the Portland scene, but this underground art show seemingly showcases all that Portlanders rave about in a unique and interesting way.

For UP students who can legally drink, the Portland Pancakes and Booze Art Show is a way to engulf yourself in a unique national experience, set in Hawthorne Theatre on Feb. 7, 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Beginning in May 2009, the Pancakes and Booze Art Show has swept the nation, finding a home in nearly 25 major cities. Originally based in LA, the show boasts over 50 up-and-coming underground artists, plenty of alcohol, body painting, live music and FREE all-you-can-eat pancakes.

This year, the show will be graced with a variety of live performances by Bobby Bluefoot, Jesse Lewis, Deejay Weather and more. For a $5 cover charge at the door, you can see it all.

To get a feel for the atmosphere of the event, take a look at this video from last year.

So, craving some pancakes and booze? Check out the Facebook event and RVSP now.

Click below to connect with Portland Pancakes and Booze:

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