True Life: Addicted to Netflix

What is it about Netflix that has us always wanting more?

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As a college student, you either feel like you have absolutely no time to yourself, or you have free time but you do not want to do anything.  Most of the time, everyone is strenuously working but every now and then we are rewarded with free time. The hardest question is what should one do with that time? Sometimes you realize that you are exhausted and you have no desire to go anywhere. You are in college so you are presumably broke, which makes staying in bed your best option.  We can all think of something to do in our beds.  Some of us choose to sleep there while some of us are more imaginative, but the smartest people know that the best thing to do in bed is to watch Netflix.

Some people may ask, what is so special about Netflix, and why should I watch it? Well first of all, there are no commercials, which saves you a lot of time and no one really cares for them anyways. Second, you do not have to wait for your show to come on TV at a certain time; it is yours as soon as you log in.  Finally, you do not have to wait a week for a new episode; you can watch the next episode right after. Right now on Netflix there are hundreds of shows with hundreds of seasons available to you at any time. This is the part that gets you addicted; this is what causes binge watching. For example, Friday Night Lights is an amazing show that many viewers have fallen in love with, from the story to one of its characters, Tim Riggins.

In Friday Night Lights there are 5 seasons, a total of 76 episodes and each episode is around 45 minutes long. That means that Friday Night Lights would take 3,420 minutes to watch the entire show, or just under 5days’ time. Who has 5 free days to watch a show? No one could even stay up for that amount of time, but if you’re going to binge watch FNL and continue to live your life, I would approximate it to take around 3 weeks to finish.  In three weeks on average you would watch 4 episodes a day, which in Netflix land is doable.

When you are truly addicted to Netflix, it starts to take over your life and the first thing it replaces is sleep. Try watching one episode before bed, I dare you. I guarantee something thrilling or exciting will happen and you have to see what happens next, so you select ‘Play Next Episode.’ The hard part is deciding whether to stop pushing the next button at night or to fall asleep around 2 or 3 in the morning. The next part of your life it takes over is eating. You’ll still eat but it will most likely be in your bed so you can watch your show or you will be the roommate with their laptop on the dinner table watching your show. Next to go are your weekends. Usually you can’t wait to go out on a Friday or Saturday night with your friends and relax. That will change because you will have to decide on going to a lame college party or finding out if the Panthers will win state and you will see Tim Riggins with his shirt off again . I’ll tell you who wins: Netflix. Every time. But the good thing is that you’re completely okay with that. The last thing you lose to Netflix is school. Honestly, who wants to do homework when they only have one season left of a show?!

This is where Netflix can really start to hurt us because many of us choose the show over homework. So before you decided to purchase Netflix or start another show, you need to ask yourself if you are ready for the commitment. The nice part of this relationship is you can pause it when needed, rewind if you want to relive a moment, fast-forward through the slow lame parts and cry whenever you want because no one is around. So find a show and see if you have the power to exit out or if you will fall in love and commit to Netflix like the rest of us.


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  1. This is so true. I never thought deeply about it in terms of consequences and other things such as “power to exit.” The statistics really put things in perspective for me personally. Very nice, thought-provoking piece.


  2. TRUTH. This is Raw Dawg. I wish you would have shared which shows that you personally find worth the addiction.
    Maybe none of them, maybe some of them. Either way, the addiction is real and slightly scary. Thank you for the time that you put into this!


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