Functional Fashion: The Meshing of Style and Technology

When thinking about technology, fashion isn’t typically our first thought, however, that is changing for the better. Tyler Hunt 2/7/15 When fashion and technology collide, it can be a moment of brilliance, or a moment of conflict. With the growing impact of technology in our everyday life it is becoming increasingly important for tech gear to be fashion forward. For example, the Google Glass prototype below looks like it belongs in an old Sci-Fi movie.

But with the help of fashion innovators like Diane von Furstengberg that is all changing. We are now seeing Google Glasses of different shapes and styles. As von Furstenberg mentions in this video, Google Glass was announced at Fashion week, connecting the two worlds of fashion and technology directly.

Similarly, Apple announced in early September that the new Apple Watch is expected to be released in 2015. Though smart watches are not entirely new to us, Apple creating one will bring this trend into mainstream society. Apple strategically announced the product the same week as Fashion Week. Another way that fashion and technology have mixed well together is in the world of fitness. Many people look to products like Fitbit and Jawbone to track their exercising habits so that they can stay healthy and receive information about how active they are throughout the course of their exercise or even just their day to day movement. Fitbit even partnered with Tori Burch to create a more fashion focused design for the product. A new innovative design by Ralph Lauren is experimenting with wearable technology in the form of their Polo Tech Shirt. This shirt sends information in real time to a smartphone or tablet that tracks your workout.   Because the information is sent in real time, as you work out, the app will give feedback and can even push you to work harder.

With these new innovations and the possibility of some being on the market just within this upcoming year, people are getting excited; however, the excitement does not always outweigh the actual cost of new technology like this. Google Glass currently is priced at $1,500. According to an article by Kevin Tofel on Gigaom, that price is intended to make sure that only those who deeply care about technological advancements will be the one’s initially testing the product. In the same article, he points out that one researcher figures the cost in the US market will be as low as $299 once it is ready to be mass marketed. The Apple Watch is currently expected to cost $349 USDA. Fitbit products range from around $60-$250 and Jawbone products from around $50-$180. Ralph Lauren has not announced a price for the Polo Tech Shirt yet. Along with these costs, many of these items incur other costs as well, like the apps needed to make them work and the smart devices.

While we all may not be the ones pioneering Google Glass or sporting the first Apple Watch, this new technology may be in our hands within the next few years without excessive cost. Even if you aren’t a techy or a fashionista this news still pertains to you and highlights the shift technology has recently been taking, and it shows how two very different worlds of business can work together harmoniously.


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  1. I definitely agree with Parker, this was a great read! It was very interesting learning about how technology and fashion are coming together.


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