On A Budget

Last Minute DIY Valentine Gifts

Valentines Day is quickly approaching and as college students we don’t have money to spend on gifts for all of our friends. Valentine’s day shouldn’t be an inconvenience and doesn’t have to put a dent in your bank. Here are two small, inexpensive gifts that are perfect for any friend.

First are homemade Valentine cards. Growing up everyone made these in school every year but at some point we stopped and started to buy cards from the store. Hand making cards means more and can be more fun. Try even making a party out of it for all your friends. It is easy and original to layer different paper with fun prints and add stickers, lace, or ribbon. Just go to Michaels or your local craft store and buy some supplies and see what you can come up with!

Taken by Lorielle McCluskey

Taken by Lorielle McCluskie

You can also add candy to your Valentines, something simple and original is cherry bark. It takes less then 20 minutes to make and it’s prepared in bulk so you aren’t in the kitchen all day. If you don’t like cherry, no problem! It’s simple to change the flavor from cherry to raspberry or strawberry, whatever your preference is. There are a lot of recipes online so you are sure to find one that works for you. After making the bark you can break it up and put it in small Valentine bags and wrap ribbon around it to present it in a cute, fun way. You can hand these bags out to your friends or hand them out at a shelter!

Taken by Lorielle McCluskey

Taken by Lorielle McCluskie

Valentines day is a time to spread affection to people you care about and homemade gifts are a low-cost charming way to show your love.


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  1. This post is so stinkin’ SWEET, it makes me want to throw up. Literally 😉

    It also makes me wish I was still in elementary school. That way, you could still make everyone a Valentine without it being weird or creepy, eh?

    Also, I don’t know if you were/are a good soccer player, BUT- You’re a really great writer!


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