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This Week’s Most Important News Stories According to that Outrageous St. John’s Facebook Group

If you haven’t joined the vibrantly active St. John’s Facebook Group, you’re missing out on important updates about the area surrounding the University of Portland.  This Facebook group provides an important pulse on current events, with ceaseless posts from concerned community members regarding lost dogs, gentrification, and petty crime.  Take a look below for the top stories from this week!

Traffic Cops are on the hunt for St. Johns speeders

Several posts this week warned of motorcycle cops in the area.




There may have been a bear in NoPo

Although this bear thread elicited accusations of ‘shroom use,’ the bear sighting was corroborated by links to several articles about portland black bears and urban predators.


A Washington driver dared to partially park on a curb

While group consensus was not reached about the severity of this infraction, a strong minority was ready to hunt down the driver and teach him about the rules of parking in St. Johns.


Marvel29, a residential/commercial development is basically open now


Overall, a pretty quiet week. Just make sure you don’t park on any curbs!

Bonus post:



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