Go Jump in a Puddle!

You know you want to.

Winter weather in Portland consists of- no surprise- lots and lots of rain. While the constant showers can be a bit of a downer, why not take a glass-half-full approach and let your inner child out to play? Take a break from studying or being cooped up inside and stomp your way through some puddles!

Things You’ll Need:

Rain Boots

Rain Boots

Rubber Boots – Tall rubber boots- Whether yours are rain boots, work boots, barn boots, or something with a another name, they all serve an important role as you splash through puddles: keeping your sock and pants dry. While probably not breathable, the rubber coating on the boots helps keep water out and you dry.
Of course, if you don’t have any rubber boots you can still certainly jump in some puddles, you’ll just get slightly (or very) wet.

Rain Jacket

Rain Jacket

Rain jacket- It’s very possible that it will rain when you are out on an adventure, so a rain jacket is always a useful accessory. The rain jacket will also help keep you dry from the splashing.

A puddle- A perfect puddle has an inch or two of water in it; it’s not too deep but also not too shallow. Make sure there’s nothing dangerous in the puddle such as a pothole or a grate (there’s one in the picture below, so best puddle-jumping practice would stick to the outside of this puddle).

An adventurous mindset- Let’s be honest. We’ve all had the thought, “that would be really fun to jump in that puddle. But I’ll get all wet, and my socks won’t dry out for a week.” This week, throw caution to the wind. Leave anything you don’t want to get wet at home, and go jump in a puddle! Treat it as a study break, or a way to spice up your day.

With these four components, jumping in puddles can easily entertain you for maybe 20 minutes. The best puddle jumping time is right after a rainfall, when the sun comes out. Jump into puddles, run through them, and try to splash your friends for bonus points! You’ll all definitely get soaked, and have a great time regardless.

Rain puddle

Rain puddle

Weather for the upcoming week:

Weather for the coming week.


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