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Pure Bloods on Campus: 3 Students from Kuwait Reign From the Arabic Aristocracy


This is Fahad, doing his thing in the library

Fahad, his brother, Aziz, and one other are international UP students from Kuwait who carry the pure blood of Abraham through their veins.

It sounds like something from Harry Potter, but this story is in fact from real world life and magic. Three students from Kuwait on campus carry the blood of Abraham through their veins. Yes, Abraham! You know, that dude from the Bible who counted the all the stars of his future descendants. Abraham is the man who didn’t trust God, so he slept   with a prostitute, Hagar, when he couldn’t get his own wife, Sara, pregnant.


This is Kuwait’s flag. Black symbolizes defeat of the country’s enemies; green symbolizes the fertility of the land; red is symbolic of the enemies’ bloodshed, and white represents purity.

Anyways. Three students on campus are pure bloods.The rest of us? We are all technically mud-bloods.

Fahad takes extreme pride in his Arabic culture. To better understand the culture of Kuwait and what makes it different, unique, special and so much more, Fahad sat down with me to discuss the “culture-clash” and share a pivotal Arabian story.

America | Kuwait: Culture Clash

  1. Americans are possessive in the way they speak and act. For example: I’m going to take a shower. Rather than, Shower time!
  2. Alcohol. The ancient Arabs, they made alcohol and then they outlawed it! Why? Because Arabs know that it is poison. We can see what it did to the Russians, and Fahad has seen what it does to his fellow students on campus. Fahad is confused when his colleagues only show their warm and friendly side to him when they are under the influence. Often times, the next day, his colleagues can’t even remember the conversation from the night before.
  3. Greetings. In America, Fahad has noticed that it is a cultural norm to ask: “Hi, How are you?” without actually caring to stop and take the time to see how you actually are: mentally, emotionally, and physically. Fahad’s advice to UP students: Don’t start a conversation without committing to it.
  4. Open-mindedness. Try to understand others’ cultures instead of judging them from afar. Just because something is different, doesn’t mean that it is wrong or subhuman.
  5. Priority for romantic relationships over friendship. In America, Fahad sees many students tied up in what he calls a, “relationship leash.” He sees others who constantly keep tabs on their significant other. Fahad thinks that friendships should assume priority in our lives, and romantic relationships shouldn’t take up all of your energy and effort. Fahad put it like this: “My self-fulfillment is not dependent upon your existence…I need space and so do you.”
  6. Family business is family business. In Kuwait, people draw boundaries around the public and private sphere and respect them. Fahad is puzzled by American students who crave to meddle in matters between him and his brother.
  7. There is a difference between knowing someone and knowing someone. Along the same wavelength as the movie, Avatar: I see you.

Arabian Nights: As Told By Fahad

The diamond in the ruff, the only thing that survived the Desolation and Alienation of the Muslim Empires was the story of Arabian Nights. This story is the last remaining pillar of their Golden Ages. Everything else has been destroyed and decimated into darkness by the Destiny that once serves Arabs and Arabs alone!


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