North PDX

Second Dates in North Portland

After Valentine’s Day, keep the romance alive with some fun, easy, and local second dates. Here are a few ideas!

image one

Date One
University of Portland juniors Tyler Gregg and Payton Teutsch spent an afternoon indulging in sweets at Moonstruck Chocolate Co.’s café in St. Johns, followed by a cozy reading session at Anna Banana Café.


At Moonstruck, you will find that the second floor lobby of the café offers a window view into the factory itself where one can see the chocolate all being made and prepared for shipping. Unfortunately, taking photos is off limits. Although many people would not initially consider reading to be an eventful date, being able to spend quite time together on a comfy sofa with great food is thoroughly relaxing and well worth the trip.


Date Two
Gonzaga alumni’s Chelsea Hunt and Eddie Lopez—my sister and her boyfriend—decided to take a short vacation to Portland for their Valentine’s Day getaway. They spent a part of their day sifting through records at Vinyl Resting Place in St. Johns, and later went and looked for some fun new plants to liven up their homes at Pistils Nursery on Mississippi Avenue.


One small warning: going to a record store can easily be a make or break date. You may realize that special someone’s taste in music is not even close to your own. However, it can also be a true bonding experience when you discover that you love all the same types of music. It’s definitely worth the risk!


At Pistils you will find all sorts of fun things for your yard, kitchen and home. And if you are not in the mood to shop, at the very least, you can wander through the garden or have a quiet moment outside with all kinds of beautiful vegetation surrounding you.


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  1. OMG!!! I LOVE PISTILS NURSERY!!!! What kind of guys want to take a girl to a nursery on a date nowadays?!
    None that I’ve met. lololololol. Hence, very wise advice.

    I thought the record store comment on making or breaking a date was hilarious. 6 shots of tequila can do that too 😉

    I’m a bit bummed w/photo quality, BUT very creative. Thank you 🙂


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