On A Budget

A PDX happy hour for each day of the week

IMG_0763Let’s face it, you’re popular and your friends can’t get enough of you.  But that means your social life gets expensive.  Thankfully, this edition of On a Budget helps keep your relational maintenance high and you pocketbook expenses low.  Check out these recommendations of daily happy hour deals for every kind of friend.

Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill
Address:  5421 N. Greeley Avenue
Happy Hour:  3-7p.m. & 10p.m. – close Monday-Friday
Special:  Slice of bacon with each drink purchased during Monday happy hour
The Athlete-Wannabe Bro:  Shuffle board, pool, sports games on TVs: Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill bleeds the feel of a sports bar.  This place is built for regulars, with daily lunch specials and a twice weekday happy hour.  Enjoy a happy hour beer with a free slice of bacon every Monday.

Leisure Public House
Address:  8002 N. Lombard Street
Happy Hour:  3-6p.m. Monday-Friday
Special: Trivia every Tuesday at 7:30p.m.
The Valedictorian:  If you don’t fall in love with the bar cat, Trivia Master Edward will surely steal your heart with his fresh sarcasm and hipster swag prizes for winners each week.  Bring your friends or join a team.

TeSoAria – Portland Tasting Room
Address: 4002 N. Williams Street (On the corner of N. Williams and Shaver)
Happy Hour:  Tasting room open 1-9p.m. Sunday to Thursday, 11p.m. on Friday & Saturday
Special:  Full sample of seasonal wine list, including the rotating cask, but ask your server
The Sommelier: Cheese and meat boards uniquely paired with TeSoAria wine bottled from their southern Oregon vineyard.  $10 to sample the entire rotation of wines.  Find out what wine suits your fancy every day of the week.

The Fixin’ To
Address:  8218 N. Lombard Street
Happy Hour: 2-6p.m. Monday – Friday
Special:  “Sweet Tea: a neighborhood affair for NoPo homos and friends” every first Thursday of the month
The Cheap Date:  Cozy outdoor seating, live music on weekend evenings, $2 tall boys, $1 off well drinks and draft beer every day.  Sweet Tea occurs every first Thursday of the month for the LGBTQ community and friends.  Stop by for friendly company, scrumptious small plates, and delicious drink specials… or just stop by for a cheap drink after class and work.

The Burrito House
Address:  1220 N. Hayden Meadows Drive (across the street from Shari’s)
Happy Hour:  3-6p.m.
Special:  Karaoke every Friday night at 9p.m. with the kindest regulars 65+
The Crew:  Don’t be fooled by the decent food, gloomy bar feel and bland chips; The Burrito House pitcher margaritas makes the cardboard-tasting appetizers worth the trip to Delta Park.  Every want the karaoke bar to yourself and friends?  Get your crew together and steal the spotlight every Friday – you don’t even have to share the mic!


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  1. The title isn’t doing your piece justice, this piece is freaking brilliant…..you know, for us “adultz” 😉

    Your intro paragraph is HILARIOUS!!! Knee-slapperz & Lolz

    This is the most useful piece of information that I’ve seen all day- HA! My wallet & friends will thank you for it.


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