Seven Tiny Details to Spruce up Your Room

When most of your furniture is from the free and for sale page and half of the off campus houses are older than your parents are, it can be difficult to make your room a nice place to be. If you’re unsatisfied with your room, short on cash and interested in simple décor, check out these tiny details you can add to your space to give it a little touch of home.

1. Buy Some Flowers

Real flowers, fake flowers, plastic flowers, silk flowers. Flowers seem without purpose, but for such a simple investment, they add vast amounts a beauty. You can buy simple vases from somewhere like Goodwill for at most $15, as well flowers like these for $2 a piece at your local Michael’s or Ikea.

Tip: While fake flowers are a more reasonable purchase, I like to make a rule to buy myself real flowers once a month. Treat yo self.


2. Hang Some Christmas Lights

This is likely the most cliché on the list, but clichés are clichés for a reason. Lights add, literally, light, as well as sparkle, ambiance and a little piece of holiday for every day. You can buy these at the St. John’s Fred Meyer or also Michael’s – if you like #1 and want to do a shopping spree there, of course.

Tip: White LED lights are better for the environment and will last longer, but if you’re desperate for the “yellow” ambiance like I am, get the plain clear lights. lights

3. Cozy Up with Decorative Pillows and Blankets

I used to think decorative pillows were the worst thing ever. To be fair, I’m still against their presence on my couch, but when it comes to my bed, my feelings have never changed so dramatically. Pillows are perfect. They are everything and they are important and they cushion me and support me and they never let me down. My blankets cover me and hold me and warm me. These items are essential for those seeking comfort, even if they’re thrown off the second you actually want to sleep.

Tip: They (who they is, I do not know) say your bed should be for your night’s sleep and nothing else, this way your body can create that association. Maybe that’s an atrocious idea to you, but “they” are experts. Anyway, having your bed nicely made is motivation to use it for all the right things, for instance, sideways naps to avoid messing up your pillows and sitting on your bed without crawling under the covers and delving into an unproductive state. pillows

4. Light a Candle

Candles have long surpassed their purpose of lighting a room. They’re romantic, they’re classy, they come in all shapes and sizes and they’re hands down the best smelling things around. Wax is also tremendously fun to play with if you’re into that sort of thing and candles are probably one of the safest ways to play with fire. Give Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works a try if Fred Meyer doesn’t do it for you.

Tip: Light responsibly.

5. Burn Some Incense

Incense is so hip nowadays that it literally has its own aisle in Fred Meyer – the small Fred Meyer. I think it might actually share an aisle with the candles, but the point is that incense is all the rage. It has a different smell going for it than candles do, not to say they don’t smell great. What incense does so well is that the best incense can really put you somewhere else. I burn a rustic forest smell, and it’s always nice to light it when I’m stuck doing homework inside for way too many hours, wishing I were outside.

Tip: Don’t burn incense too close to your face or general breathing area (I was not harmed in the making of this gif…). incense

6. Display a Favorite Quote

Other people’s words have so much power to impact to us. Displaying a simple quote, next to your mirror, in front of your desk, anywhere you might give it the most attention, can go so far. I keep a little whiteboard next to my mirror so I can change out the quote if I’d like. Some days Roald Dahl is what I need next to my mirror, other days it’s, “I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things”, courtesy of Kanye West*.

*USA Today recently published a Kanye West Self-Confidence Generator that might just be the best thing ever.

Tip: Amateur artists are all over Etsy selling posters, canvases, etc. with nice quotes on them. Give it a serious look, search for your favorite quote or bible verse or whatever will get you out of bed in the morning. quote

7. Hang up Some Memories

Memories are everything to the human race, and small pieces from your past can summon stories upon stories of an event, of summers spent fly fishing, of graduating from high school. Memory boards (Etsy is a great place for these) or any method of which to display the things that remind you of the good ‘ole times are a perfect way to make your room really feel like yours.

Tip: Never stop adding to this. memories


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