On A Budget

Seven Tips for Decorating on a Budget

For students – roving between housing situations each year – establishing a sense of home can be challenging. Too much furniture makes moving hectic, but empty rooms don’t make peaceful sanctuaries either. On top of that, most students’ put their home décor budget under other financial priorities – like tuition payments and their coffee fund.

Finding that balance between overspending on household clutter and staring a blank walls takes patience and creativity. But it’s possible. Here are seven tips to get you on the right track (clockwise from top right):

Room Decor on a Budget

1. Add a pop of color to your workspace. Certainty, all that responsible paperwork and office supplies have their place. But don’t be afraid to weave in some just-for-fun pieces into all that seriousness. You’ll be glad to have things that make you smile hanging next to bills and to-do lists.

2. Get crafty. If you can’t buy it, sometime you can make it. Putting together something as simple as an origami desk accents can make homey what was once plain.

3. Lighten up. Play around with different lighting – Christmas light, lampshades with fun hues, and, of course, candles. Make sure you illumine your space in a way that is peaceful and encourages productivity.

4. Bring the outdoors inside. There’s likely an abundance of gorgeous greenery just outside your  front door. Bring in the textures and hue of nature into your space too add a fresh accent.

5. Add a dash of whimsy. The occasional found object can give your personal space a signature look. Give unexpected use to mundane things – such as a gravy boat – to give them the illusion of being antique keepsakes.

6. Repurpose with charm. Take what you have too much of  and transform them into a piece with character and utility. A little tape and some brown shoe polish, for instance, can turn an old can into a new pencil organizer.

7. Put the books to work. Every student has more books than they remember buying, and they stack up uselessly in corners an closets. Dust them off, and arrange them strategically to fill space and add an intellectual vibe to your room.


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  1. You know that this piece ***totally*** resonates with my experience. I do all damn 6 when I can.

    I wish that your top 6 statements were in BOLD. Otherwise, the eyes just glaze over them & focus on the picture instead. Although, it was creative to do the whole clockwise/cluster set-up.

    I like that your top 6 are commands, but I also wish that your piece and Sam’s piece weren’t so similar this week.


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