Sun-Filled Bliss Should Be Taken Advantage Of

Our campus is beautiful; it has brick buildings and thoughtful landscaping, it is filled with smiling people, and it goes through all four seasons. Usually, the year starts out with sunny, warm weather, but early November brings several months filled with grey skies, rain, and coldness. If we’re lucky enough, a warm day will pop up out of nowhere for Portlanders to enjoy.

As a 4th year student, my greatest advice to the UP community would be to enjoy the days when the sun comes out to play, I have learned that we must be outside every chance we get.

In my humble opinion, here are some “must-do” items for every UP student’s bucket list on a sun-filled Portland day.

ms pic 1

By McKenna Stack

By McKenna Stack

By McKenna Stack

Go on a short drive across the St. Johns Bridge, the tallest (and most beautiful, I might add) bridge in Portland. Once you get across, you can treat yourself to a hike within the 8 miles of Forest Park.

By McKenna Stack

Images by McKenna Stack

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If you’re feeling super adventurous, pay $4.35 embark on the Portland Aerial Tram, the gondola that extends from the river to the OHSU campus.

Take the opportunity to witness the Pacific Northwest in Portland’s backyard. Head up the I-84 to the Columbia River Gorge to check out new hikes or new places to see. I promise you it is a superfluous amount of more fun when you’re not soaking wet from the rain.

By McKenna Stack

By McKenna Stack

Go on a spontaneous road trip with your best friends.

ms pic 8

By McKenna Stack

Lose yourself in the middle of Oregon.

By McKenna Stack

By McKenna Stack

Or choose to find yourself at the Oregon Coast.

The sun is out; adventure awaits!


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