Sunshine for senior sentimentality

Nothing’s worse than getting stuck indoors on a precious sunny day, strangely and untypically common during this year’s winter.  A UP student wraps up the last few pages chronicling business law for entrepreneurs; preparation, he claims, for his certificate and eventual master’s degree in biomechanical engineering.  A senior, graduating in May with sentimental thoughts gazing out the window.  Following him on his journey home, the textures and intricacies of the campus come alive in the stunning sunlight and breezy weather.  I accompanied this student in his afternoon exploration across campus beauty of light and line on a day like this one, where we might not ever have again.

IMG_3333IMG_3376IMG_3349IMG_3362IMG_3359IMG_3411_MG_3391IMG_3394Images by Brock Vasconcellos


Categories: Weather

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  1. What the hell is sentimentality? Sanity would have been a better word choice…

    Ya NEED some space between the sentences up there. The power is lost when you throw them all together like that.

    Beautiful & Sacred piece. Thank you.


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