NUCL: Bringing Students Together from Boston to British Columbia

The Northwest Undergraduate Conference of Literature, or NUCL as it is more commonly known, is a literature conference the University of Portland hosts every spring. Undergraduate and advanced high school students from all over the Northwest (and occasionally areas far outside of the Northwest) submit their original work in the fall in hopes of being invited to present at the conference. Submissions range from academic research papers to personal essays to poetry collections. This year, while over 100 students submitted their work for consideration, a total of 65 students from 21 different schools have been invited to present at the March 28th conference.

Top 12 Schools Accepted for NUCL 2015:

  1. University of Portland

  2. Seattle University

  3. University of Washington

  4. Willamette University

  5. University of Oregon

  6. Linfield College

  7. Whitworth University

  8. George Fox University

  9. Pacific Lutheran University

  10. Pepperdine University

  11. Portland State

  12. Seattle Pacific University

Other schools that will have student presenters in attendance at NUCL are Emmanuel College, Gonzaga, Jesuit High School, Marylhurst University, Oregon Episcopal School, Oregon State University, Reed College, Simon Fraser University, and Washington State University.

Candidates are selected through a blind review process. Each submission is presented to a volunteer reader with the writer’s name and school removed. Three different volunteer readers (made up of both students and faculty) grade each submission on its grammar, quality, and its ability to give readers a sense of the critical conversation surrounding the topic discussed. If enough readers recommend the paper or poetry collection for the conference, the work is accepted.

Below is a map that shows where this year’s NUCL presenters come from:


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