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Where in the World: A Pilot’s Map to Study Abroad

College is a home away from home. Study abroad is a home away from college.

Whether you’re from the Portland area or a far away state (or perhaps you’re an international student), the University of Portland has become a home away from home to all of the UP students.  For some students though, myself included, Portland is not the only home that UP has brought them. In Spring 2013, I studied abroad in Granada, Spain for a semester with the UP program. I honed my Spanish skills and learned a lot, but more importantly I felt connected to the country I was staying in. Granada was my home away from college.

Every year thousands of college student have similar experiences by studying abroad.  According to the Studies Abroad Director, Fr. Art Wheeler, 307 UP students studied abroad in UP Programs, IES programs, or other non-UP programs during the 2013-2014 academic year.  Even though the majority of students choose to stay at UP for all four years (but all the cool kids study abroad…), study abroad is worth looking into. The University of Portland offers a variety of programs for all students. Don’t want to go for an entire semester? There are summer programs! Want to go for more than a semester? There is a year program in Salzburg! The options aren’t endless, but they are plentiful.

I had such a uplifting and life-changing experience while I was abroad that I made it my personal mission to convince every student that study abroad is worth the time and money. But I noticed from my conversations with students that many had a hard time learning about what options their were and how they could find out more information.  The information, though available, was not as accessible as it needed to be.

For all the UP students who are not sure about study abroad, I present to you a map. It’s your one-top-guide to all the UP programs that currently being offered.



But don’t be discouraged if your country of choice isn’t on this map; it only includes the UP Programs. Last year, 26 of those 307 student choose to go outside of the University for abroad programs in countries such as France and South Africa, but were still able to receive university credit.

Though I was in Granada almost two years ago, I still miss it every day. I will always look back on it as one of the major highlights of my experience at UP. If you’re looking for something to do while in college that doesn’t involve staying on campus, why not get on a plane and take your studies to another country! As Father Art said in an interview for another one of my class projects (this is my forth one on the importance of study abroad), “study abroad is a special opportunity during the college years”.

For more information about Studies Abroad at the University of Portland, visit their website.


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  1. I love that you added the number of credits and language requirements with each program. I also really like that you chose a different type of map to show instead of the standard google map look.


  2. I loved this piece! Using a map for this seems obvious, but your editorial decisions in telling the story of UP’s studies abroad really made this shine.


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