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Spring Break Adventures (Brought to you by Handcrafted Breweries of the PNW)

To all those who are ready for a break, spending a week in Portland, and are over 21: this one’s for you.

A map has been created for you to explore. There are ten drives, all within four hours of Portland, that lead you to a variety of breweries to check out while on your Spring Break. What more could you want than a map to lead you to delicious, handcrafted beer?

Kulshan Brewing Company Bellingham, WS.

An assortment of beers from Kulshan Brewing Company.

We start off with the farthest brewery from Portland, four hours of travel to The Kulshan Brewing Company. As you drive up I-5 North, you will pass through sites of the city of Seattle and the breathtaking views of the Puget Sound.

10 Barrel Brewing Bend, OR.

The dining area of 10 Barrel Brewing.

Located 3 hours from Portland is 10 Barrel Brewing. The drive to Bend involves the contrast of driving over Mt. Hood and through the empty fields of the middle of Oregon.

Full Sail Brewing Company Hood River, OR.

Beers on tap at Full Sail Brewing Company.

A quick getaway to Hood River may be just what you need, and at the end of the drive is Full Sail Brewing Company. Drive an hour through the Columbia River Gorge and take in all of the beautiful sites of the river, waterfalls, and copious amounts of trees.

Buoy Beer Company Astoria, OR.


A sign posted outside Buoy Beer Company inviting the crowds inside. Photo by: McKenna Stack

A wonderful brewing gem, Buoy Beer Company, is found at the border of Washington and Oregon. The 2.5 hour drive to Astoria features all of the tress you could ask for and the wonder of where the Columbia River will end.

Seaside Brewing Company Seaside, OR.


A glance inside the historic scenes of Seaside Brewing Company. Photo by: McKenna Stack

Seaside Brewery opened its doors to the beach town of Seaside just over a year ago. The drive from Portland to Seaside is just a little over an hour, the closest beach you can get to.

Falling Sky Brewing House Eugene, OR.

The amber hues of an IPA from Falling Sky Brewing House.

Eugene is home to the University of Oregon and also one of the quaintest breweries, Falling Sky Brew House. The drive down is an easy three hour trek; just hope on I-5 South and tune your radio to some favorite tunes.

Rusty Truck Brewing Co. Lincoln City, OR

The infamous old truck hauling barrels of Rusty Truck Brewing Co.’s beer across the beach.

The drive to Lincoln City is a little over 2 hours and takes you to Rusty Truck Brewing Co. The easy drive filled with sights of country will lead you through the western side of the state all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Sky High Brewing Corvallis, OR.

All of the colors of the Sky High Brewing rainbow.

Oregon State University resides in Corvallis, and not much else does. There’s something to be said about Sky High Brewing, a place for students and visitors alike to come an enjoy a pint of beer amongst each other. The drive down goes through miles of land and farms; many sights of baby animals can be seen this time of year.

Pelican Pub and Brewery Pacific City, OR.

A beautiful sunset overlooks the Pelican Pub and Brewery.

Three hours, a drive through the mountains/coastline, and a sighting of the Tillamook Cheese Factory are what stand between you and Pacific City. This little beach town hosts the Pelican Brewery and is nestled in the center of Oregon’s coastline attracts Portlanders when the rest of the country visits Seaside.

Fremont Brewing Seattle, WS.

Five of Fremont Brewing’s most popular brews.

Ah, last but not least, Seattle. This city is a must-do for all residents of Portland. Find your way to the Fremont District that is steps away from the Fremont Troll and houses Fremont Brewing.

What better way to escape a great city than to go on a drive and find yourself at a great PNW brewery?

Only when you want to escape, of course.


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  1. McKenna, I love how you mix media in this piece. The map alone is interesting, but the photos are compelling. Love it.


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