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A Newby’s Take on Yoga

By: Catherine Kelley


This week began my first week of trying out yoga. On NW 23rd Ave CorePower Yoga offers you seven days free to start out. After hearing much hype and persuaded by my roommates and friends reluctantly I decided to give it a shot.

Walking in expectations of hardcore yoga snobs decked out in their Lululemon attire clouded my mind. The reinforced idea that yoga is a way of life intimidated me, I just wanted a workout. Stretching for an hour is not going to be a satisfying workout I kept complaining.

Being a yoga newby, I was nervous. I was in fact so nervous to go I forced my two friends to do my first class with me. I was assured that it would be fine and would not be judged for my poor flexibility, running shorts and oversized high school basketball tee.

While I definitely was out of place being the only one without a mat or the appropriate clothes, I was greeted by a friendly staff and helpful fellow yogis. Everyone in the small, heated room knew exactly what equipment they needed and were eager to help me get ready for the class.

As the class began my anxiety kicked in again as the instructor started spewing jargon that made absolutely no sense to me. Thankfully everyone in the room knew exactly what she was asking them to do, so I followed suit. Aside from the occasional side eye and aggressive shush of the few girls in the very front it did not take long to feel acceptance.

Throughout my week I decided I would try a little bit of everything I could: Yoga Sculpt, CorePower Yoga 2, and Hot Power Fusion.

CorePower Yoga 2 was the first class attended in the morning. It was more of a traditional hot yoga class. The 60-minute class is offered throughout the day and has a candlelight option certain days during the week, alternating from the NW and SE location.

Sculpt was more my speed. It was an hour-long fast-paced cardio take on yoga. Intermixed with traditional yoga poses were burpees, pushups, and cardio circuits. Making the class a little more challenging and much more sweaty was the fact that it is held in an 105 degree room.

Hot Power Fusion was yoga intermixed with Barr type of exercises. Much of the class was slow movements and pulses.

Overall, the week long run was a success. With my college budget consisting of zero extra dollars to spend on anything but gas and food I do not think I will be going back for a while. Pricing is a little steep at $190 a month for unlimited classes or $20 per class.

Still yoga was a positive experience in which I was able to drain my body of more sweat than I thought possible as well as clear the yoga stereotype from my mind. Now I can definitely assure that my previous view of yoga was skewed and that it is, without a doubt, a real workout.

CorePower comes highly recommended to anyone looking for something new and with a little bit of extra money to spend.


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  1. Great piece, Catherine! It felt very real, which I appreciated. Glad you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and tried something new!


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