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Pilots: Where Are they Now?

See where UP alumni are living, the fields they’re pursuing, and how they stack up against PSU alumni.

Believe it or not, graduation is quickly approaching. With just about a month until the seniors face the real world the question of what’s next is on many of their minds. Find out what Pilots over the years are doing now and how former UP students stack up against our downtown neighbors, Portland State University.

Fields of Study

fields UP

Amongst LinkedIn users the above six jobs were the most popular for former Pilots. Coming next on the list were finance, marketing, media and communications, information technology, and social services. According to education, engineering, healthcare, and sales all come in the top 10 for best career fields in demand.

fields PSU

Amongst PSU alumni all five of the top fields were also seen in the UP students top fields. Coming after engineering were information technology, media and communication, and social work.

Where They Work

work  UP

Luckily for Pilots, Portland is surrounded by huge companies.  Among these are Nike, Adidas, Intel, OHSU, Keiser Permanente, and Providence Health and Services. All the companies listed above proved to be big employers for UP alumni. Also listed under popular workplaces for UP alumni were Hewlett-Packard, Portland Public Schools, US Army, Microsoft, and Nordstrom.

From Nike, most of the employees were working in sales and operations, while at Intel the overwhelming majority was in engineering.

work PSU

In terms of workplace UP and PSU differed a little more. While many PSU students also worked for Intel, Nike, and OHSU many more worked for Portland Public Schools. While many working for Portland Public Schools were in education there were also many in social services, administration, and human resources.

Where They’re Going

Based on LinkedIn statistics most Pilots end up on the West Coast inhabiting mostly Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. According to CNBC’s best cities to live in after college graduation Seattle and San Francisco come in at #2 and #4.

Similarly, the majority of PSU students stay in the Portland area with large numbers in the Seattle and San Francisco area as well.


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