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Bluff Bucket List: 14 Things to do before you graduate

There are many things to do and see in and around the University of Portland campus, North Portland, and even the greater state of Oregon. As graduation steadily approaches, we wanted to find out what the most important things to experience before you leave the bluff.

Seniors Joe Shorma, Michael Rexroat, and Natalie Mecham share their top Bluff Bucket List events:

1. Pull an all night-er: “Definitely pull an all nighter. Not because of homework, but because you want to drink a lot.” JS

2. Howard Hall Pool: “Braving the potential diseases that lye in the Howard Hall Pool and go swimming, that’s crucial.” NM

3. Explore PDX: “Experience Portland as much as possible.” MR

4. Take A Hike: “Definitely do a hike naked.” JS

5. Not-So-Secret Sauna: “Oh, go to the Kenna Sauna, oh my god!” NM

6. Mmmmm Montage: “Montage is a really delicious restaurant.” MR

7. Help The Community: “Volunteer… With clothes on.” JS

8. Internships Rock: “Intern. Intern while you can, while you can afford to do it.” NM

9. Facial Hair: “Grow a big beard. If you’re a man, or if you’re a woman, grow a big beard. I promise it will be worth it to you.” MR

10. Get Out Of Town: “Actually go out and experience what this awesome city and this awesome state (has to offer).” JS

11. Get Your Drama On: “Go to a play when you’re not required to for fine arts.” NM

12. Accept Invites: “Go to sporting events, and go to events in general.” MR

13. Raise The Bar: “Drinking alcohol (at) the Sundown.” JS

14. Adventure On-Campus: “The trails behind Villa in the woods are really fun.” NM


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  1. Pulled an all nighter (for homework) a couple weeks ago. and a fun movie watching one at the end of last semester. Definitely a must-do to consider yourself a collegiate level student.


  2. That was hilarious! I especially loved all of the candid shots at the beginning.

    So so true- all of these. I would add a drive out to middle of Oregon for a meteor shower- the stars are incredible! A wonderful memory to be shared with friends!!!

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