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Food Cart Wonder: Che’ Café

Portland is known for having hundreds of food carts, 600 to be exact, and each one is different from the next.  Everyone loves to eat, especially in Portland, so going around town trying new food carts is something many people can do and enjoy.  In downtown Portland, there are blocks of food carts set up next to each other, making it a great place for lunch and dinner. On Alder St. between 10th and 11th Ave. is the largest grouping of food carts in Portland.  CNN has declared Portland home to the best street food, and once you go out and eat at some, you’ll know why.

Even though most of the food carts in Portland are located downtown, there are smaller clusters of carts throughout the rest of the city. Lucky for us at the University of Portland, there are one of these pods just a couple blocks from our campus.  There are around eight different carts, from coffee & espresso, to Philly Cheese Steaks, Mexican and American food. It has a countless variety and is easily accessible by car, bike and foot.

Mural for Ché Café

Mural for Ché Café

One of the carts that sticks out and is definitely a crowd favorite is Che’ Café. They are listed as serving American food and have great prices. You can call ahead to place your order so it is really great for pick up or to eat as soon as you arrive, which can be convenient. They take cash and all credit cards, which helps make sure that,  paying is never an issue. A genuine perk of Che’ Café, is the variety of their menu, they really do have something for everyone from breakfast burritos, soup, caprese salads and pulled pork sandwiches.  The environment they create around their cart is entertaining and energetic. They always have music playing and the people working constantly have a smile on their face.

Front of Ché Café

Front of Ché Café

The lively and relaxing environment continues to escalate as you  eat your food. The food carts outline the street block and in the middle you can find all sorts of seating. The seating areas are divided into three different sections based on what kind of mood you’re in. The first section has benches and fire pits so you and your friends can sit around the fire while eating and talking. The next section is a bunch of picnic tables under a big tent, which is needed most days living in the rainy city of Portland. The last section is an enclosed large room with tons of couches, tables, bar stools and chairs creating a very relaxing lounging area. This space also contains a bar that serves drinks from beer, to hard liquor to your usual coke and sprite.


Ché Café, among many others is a great place to grab a bite to eat and catch up with friends. Food carts are a big part of this city and everyone loves great food that won’t cost them a lot and we can all enjoy helping out fellow Portlanders small businesses. So everyone get out and try a new food cart, see if you can try and new one every week for the rest of the year, you’ll be impressed with what you find.


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