Humans of UP

Humans of UP: Matt Gadbois

Matt Gadbois, a senior nursing major at UP, loves to DJ. He has been surrounded by music for his whole life, from the movie soundtrack albums his parents played, to the electronic-pop his brother introduced him to.

Gadbois recalls that his dad would often play Hans Zimmer’s piece “The Battle” from the movie Gladiator, but what stuck with him the most was hearing his brother play “Crescendolls” by Daft Punk. Gadbois considers Daft Punk and Bjork to be his greatest musical influences.

Gadbois picked up DJ-ing after his friends in college got involved with it, and now it has become a personal passion. I was curious why he kept so many CD’s for DJ-ing with, because I thought he created the music, which prompted him to clarify a major point about DJ-ing: Being a DJ and being a producer are not necessarily the same thing.

“I mostly DJ other people’s music. What I have to offer through DJ-ing is really hard to find House Music, and the way that I present it is a unique way of playing the songs off of each other to create a full experience. Some day, when I have tracks that I’ve made on my own, my goal is to be able to sneak them into sets that I’m playing and then incorporate DJ-ing and production together as a way to present my own material.”

Gadbois has only “teased” audiences with his original work, just to see how the audience reacts to his original material being plugged into a more recognizable song, and if the combination of the sounds work well together and the crowd gets into it too, that’s what makes Gadbois happy.


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  1. Great job with this video! Using a video to tell a “Humans of UP” story makes the entire article way more engaging. Your video gives a really good sense of who the spotlighted student really is.


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