Beer Olympics

Every year in April we push our Catholic school image aside and the University of Portland students come together to compete in what we call “Beer Olympics.” After winter break a small group of students get together to plan the event. They are in charge of finding a location, organizing the games, creating the brackets and of course getting all the beer. There are six people on each team, mandatory three boys and three girls, and they pick what country they want to represent.

This year there were 48 teams competing, for a total of 288 participants; this is no small event. Each team was given 60 beers and competed in five events, baseball, flip cup, basketball, civil war, and a chug relay. For example, in basketball each player had to chug a beer, crush the can and shoot it from the one or three point line. Trouble is, you have to go one at a time, you can’t start chugging until the person in front of you is shooting and your entire team has to chug and shoot in six minutes. The games sound easy at first, but once you’ve been drinking and chugging beers for two hours you can image how the chugging gets slower and how aiming for a small cup gets harder.

The event started at 3:30pm on April 11th, and it was approximately 6:20pm when nine police cars showed up to the house to end the event. Good news is players have to be 21 to compete; bad news is neighbors had called to complain about the noise so the party was shut down. With 288 players with around 15 refs and 30 spectators, we were pushing 335 people in a single backyard. Even though the event was shut down early, many would agree that it was a successful Beer Olympics and that it was a day to remember for all of us who are graduating in three short weeks. It’s a stressful time of year and we all need a break and a time to let loose together, and that is why the event started many years ago.

Lets cheers to a successful 2015 Beer Olympics and good luck to all those competing in years to come!


Images provided by Lorielle McCluskie


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