Dinner Table

That happened four years ago?! A timeline of changes since the Class of 2015 first enrolled


The library has changed dramatically since the class of 2015 first enrolled.

As the college seniors now gather around their dinner tables (perhaps dinner couches is more appropriate) in their houses off campus, they are undoubtedly discussing future plans (or lack thereof, in many cases). Who has what job? Who’s getting married? Who’s still unemployed and looking for a place to live? There are so many questions about the future!

But it is also the time of year when nostalgia kicks in. Many of the seniors are taking a break from looking into the scary future and taking a look back on where they have been. “I can’t believe we graduated from high school four years ago,” said Michie Sasai, a senior biology major, as she sat around her living room in a house a block away from campus. Four years might not feel like a long time for the seniors, but a lot has happened since the seniors joined the Pilot family in 2011.


Kenna Hall used to be coed, but has been renovated to become an all-women’s hall.

Here’s a timeline of some highlights from the last four years on the bluff.



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  1. I agree with Hannah, I think this was a cool choice that lines up well with our news values especially in light of graduation right around the corner.


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