Humans of UP

Phillip Mitchell: Shoe Collector

To the outside world, Phillip looks like an ordinary UP student: he is involved with ROTC, lives on campus, attends soccer games and participates in class. But, there is more to Phillip Mitchell, a senior business major, than meets the eye.

Phillip is a shoe collector.

His journey began back in his middle school days, when a tight budget at Big 5 Sporting Goods led him to purchase his first pair of Air Forces. From that moment, he was hooked.

In this podcast, I sit down with Phillip, a dear friend of mine, to learn more about his collection, what it means to him, and where he sees his collection headed as he transitions into the real world. I also talk with Danny Hayes, a friend of Phillip’s, and Joshua Mitchell, Phillip’s younger brother, to get alternative perspectives on the collector, himself.

Photo Credit: Hanna Herrin


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  1. I had no idea that he was a shoe collector! This was a great interview, and I really like that you put it within Humans of UP.


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