“Thank you for believing in me” : The Founder’s Day Scholarship Luncheon

On April 14, 2015, over 700 students gathered in the Chiles Center on campus for one purpose: they attended the scholarship luncheon in order to meet and thank the donors. Since 1985, this scholarship luncheon has been an annual event to show the schools appreciation for the money that is provided to students. While a school is made up of student and professors, it is unfortunately run by money. Many would-be students could can not afford a college education.

When you consider that full time tuition at the University of Portland costs $20,040 a semester, it’s no surprise that many of the students at UP need a helping hand. Fortunately, there are people willing to help. Father Poorman, who spoke at his first scholarship luncheon since becoming president of the University, told the audience that this year the University have awarded $2.7 million from over 450 annual and endowed scholarships.

All of these scholarships go directly to the students to fund their education. I spoke with a few of these students to understand just exactly what those scholarships mean to them.


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