Tyler Zimmerman

My name's Tyler and I'm a grad student/staff member. I love watching television and movies.

7 Articles

Samantha van den Berg

Sammy loves student government. If she's not talking about soccer then she's probably talking about campus extracurriculars. She's a junior Organizational Communications major with a Business Administration Minor who appreciates reliable office supplies and analog watches. She is a native of Cupertino, California and as much as she loves technology, she really dislikes Apple.

10 Articles

Saraya H. Mullivan

Who needs weapons when you have words? First things First- She's a Pisces. She's like the brightest Ying and the darkest Yang. She usually laughs when no one else is laughing and you should know that she hates all humans equally. But, she loves plants. Why? Because they don't talk back or argue. She studies Communication at UP- her 3rd University. She loves how UP is one of the few places in the world where humans still open doors for each other. However, she hates how ignorant, white, and privileged most of the students are. When she isn't hunting a story down, she's working her ass off for her family's business: N&M Herb Nursery (named after her and her sister). She follows her own belief system. Waterfalls, Hiking, Hot springs, and Farmer's Markets are a few of her favorite things. Her only goal in life is to be half as loved as her mother is. In her opinion, that is the truest essence of success.

9 Articles

E. Stanphill

Student at University of Portland, Communication Major/Psychology Minor. Loves all things Portland ;)

8 Articles

Parker Shoaff

Psychology and Communication Major | University of Portland Class of 2016 | From Huntington Beach CA | Photographer for The Beacon

10 Articles


Organization Communication Major, Spanish Minor | University of Portland '15 | Sounders, Seahawks, Mariners | I'd rather be hiking | Or maybe tinkering with a computer

8 Articles

Nicola Plate

10 Articles

Nastacia Voisin

Nastacia Voisin | @nastaciavoisin Year: Senior Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Major: Communication Studies & Sociology Interests: Advocacy journalism, indie films, podcasts, yoga and contra dancing

3 Articles


9 Articles


McKenna Stack loves stories. From studying Organizational Communication at the University of Portland to creating short films for fun, she spends majority of her time storytelling. Growing up in the Bay Area fostered her love of watching the ocean and cuddling baby cousins, while moving to Portland revealed her desire for adventure and adoration of good food. Her career goals are clearly unknown at the moment, but may start to form as she finishes out her undergraduate degree in June of 2015.

8 Articles

Lorielle McCluskie

Year: Senior Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA Major: General Studies Interests: soccer, graphic design, candles and lots of food and beer

8 Articles

Hannah Wilkes

Production intern in Burbank, CA. Rotoscopers.com editor. @HannahWilkes92

9 Articles

Tyler Hunt

Year: Junior Hometown: Tacoma Major: Communication and Theatre. Interests: Acting, Music, Writing, Exploring

8 Articles

Hanna Herrin

HANNA HERRIN | @H_Herrin Year: Senior Hometown: Seattle, WA Major: Business - Marketing, Minor: Communications Interests: public relations, technology, Hemingway, coffee (and lots of it!)

10 Articles


Student journalist. Right brain. Actress. Loves NYC. Quick witted and organized. Sushi junkie.

7 Articles

Drew Haugen

Junior Organizational Communication major at the University of Portland.

9 Articles

Catherine Kelley

Portland, OR Organizational Communications Major Interests: Sports, journalism, entertainment news, blogging, travel

9 Articles


I'm a time traveller moving at the same speed as everyone else | Marketing | Communication | Social Media | Storytelling

9 Articles

Kristiana M. Britanik

Year: Senior Hometown: Danville, CA Major: Communication and Political Science. Interests: writing, drawing, stories, scuba diving, debate, philosophy. On her way to becoming a comic artist and animator (Or Political Science teacher. We'll see what happens).

4 Articles

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