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E. Stanphill

Student at University of Portland, Communication Major/Psychology Minor. Loves all things Portland ;)

Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo offers food, fun, festivities and beautiful creatures to appreciate and spend time with while enjoying the outdoors as guests actively interweave through a colorful park, brimming with communal vigor.

The Curse of the Portland Trail Blazers

Some believe that the Portland Trail Blazers are cursed when it comes to their players’ medical conditions and behavior. Some believe that after the Blazers didn’t choose Michael Jordan in 1984 that we became forever vexed; others think we have absolutely no luck in who is picked with especial emphasis on centers. Whether it’s a curse or coincidence, here is a brief history update on our Portland Trail Blazers as well as documented account as to why our franchise has had its ups and downs, yet still manages to thrive (or survive, as some may assert.)